We are a newly established educational services company based in Istanbul, concentrate on the delivery of learning and teaching materials of the world’s renowned publishers to all types of educational institutions and organizations across Turkey. Hence we are delighted to be a part of the educational community who are making priceless efforts to provide their students or trainees with next generation curriculum, training and assessment.

We, as an organization being totally aware of the local circumstances and challenges, believe that we have a shared responsibility with the schools and institutions across Turkey in bringing high quality learning and teaching materials coupled with the latest technology into class so that their teachers or instructors can facilitate better learning and teaching results. On that, we have tasked ourselves to support and assist any educational organization or institution to our level best in conjunction with the local and international publishers by providing smooth and prompt delivery of the required curriculum and the relevant teaching and learning materials along with the teacher support services.  

In doing so, we consider all kinds of educational institutions and organizations as our potential partners who are willing to establish high standards of education within their environment in a view to develop their communities in an urging and challenging world.

To provide and supply state of art educational services and solutions to all types of educational organizations 

and institutions both in private and public sector across Turkey bearing in mind that ‘one does not fit all’. 

Hence we will be seeking potential opportunities to partner with the international publishers to 

bring together end-to–end solutions to every potential end user within the educational context 

and environment IN Turkey.

To be the leading educational services and solutions provider primarily in Turkey by offering

 services of prime quality and standards  Whilst keeping a keen eye on the end users’ educational 

requirements in a view to partner with them by supplying state of art solutions and 

educational materials blended with the latest technology.

Our Values: 

At Durusal, we adhere to a set of principles that determine our corporate and business policies. 

1.            LIFE LONG LEARNING which puts a deal of emphasis on global experience and expertise.

2.            RESULT DRIVEN particularly focuses on teaching-learning results for measurable impact.

3.            STATE OF ART SERVICE which is totally reliable and trustworthy.

4.          INNOVATION -research and innovation driven culture

5.            TOTAL APPRECIATION OF TECHNOLOGY -technology based futuristic solutions will be deterministic for the destiny of future generations.